Saturday, January 21, 2012

Suddenly it's done!

After a month of weaving, suddenly my "Poppy" is done!
"Poppy" weaving
12x15cm (plus fringes)
It doesn't look exactly like the photo I worked from, but if I don't compare, I am rather happy with my first ever Real Weaving Project. An Artistic interpretation! :-) 

Building on from the bits that I learned during the weaving classes, (See here to read the previous post about weaving) this Poppy is a complete exploration of materials, texture, colours, shape... 
I became aware that that is exactly what I like to do in any creative project. Learn some of the basics about the material I'm about to work with and then explore!

However, there is a level of impatience when I am working on something new, on something that is not clear from the outset what it will look like.
The very wise weaving teacher suggested: "Enjoy the impatience. It is an energy you can change into curiosity." 

This might sound silly, but I even love the feel of the tapestry, there is something sensual about touching the woven yarn.
...the mess to tidy up on the back!
Since completing the Poppy, I have been working on a handmade book about the Little Leek Artist Doll and the Amazing Leek Flowers, and a wood-clay sculpture Metamorphosis. More about this soon!

ps... As always it is lovely to know that you stopped by to read my musing and follow my creative adventures. It would make my day if you leave a comment... preferably here, on the blog...? Many thanks & Lots of love Corina


Kirsten said...

oh, i had forgotten you had been weaving! i find it inspiring (have an old loom of my mums) but also intimidating. never thought i had the patience for it so i love the idea of 'enjoying the impatience'...XXOO

Corina Duyn said...

Kirsten, that is soooo funny, for some reason I was thinking of you while I was writing this post, and here you are!!!!
I only started weaving a few months ago, but love it and please do dig out that old loom! I work on a small loom, see earlier post.

Hope you're well!
XX Corina

Cusp said...

Oh that's stunning: first attempt or not. Beautiful. You are so talented and I love that quote from your teacher about impatience. I'm going to print that out x

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks Cusp. Again you were on my mind... and so was Adam, wondering if he'll turn up too!!

Teacher Pascale will be happy that her quote is going down a treat! I'll tell her!
Hope all is well and creativity flowing.
XX Corina

addon said...

Somebody calling my name? Lo, here am I!

Lovely work, no wonder you are happy with it. And nothing silly about liking the feel of it - must be a very "tactile" business. I'd never thought before about "the mess" on the back - how do you tidy it up?

I think it's lovely and shows a poppy so well. No harm being not like the photo, it would be wrong to slavishly copy, photos are only points of reference and inspiration, not for mimicking! Points of departure! (See, I know all the arty talk.)

I've got nowhere with your wonderful concepts that attracted me so much in your previous post. I think I am going to go back there now and print them out so I can give them some serious thought! I just know there is something there I want to do. I've been distracted in the meantime with more painting! I'm doing one at the moment that needs me to be neat and careful - shock, horror, that is just not me. Even went out today to buy a special brush (a rigger brush) for detail, for the grasses on the dunes. That, and trying to get the right brown/sandy colour has been taking my time.

Apart from accursed housework of course. And flopping on settee or bed, which I have been doing a lot recently :-(.

So, Corina, what's next?? Do tell ...

Take care

Corina Duyn said...

Hi Adam, you heard your name being called...
Enjoy your knowlegable 'arty-talk' :-)

Isn't it wonderful to get completely engrossed into a creative adventure? Your paintings are brilliant! Keep it up! Even the fact that you need to be neat and careful.... Same with the weaving, I'm more into the messing with caly, or paint.... using my fingers.. the bigger the mess, the bigger the freedom, the bigger the fun... and here I created a tiny flower with sewing threads...

What's next?
In terms of weaving, I like to use rope which I have taking apart to single threads, or a portrait kind of image?
An am working on a sculpture which has complete taken me by surprise. More about that later!

Keep creating and I am curious to what you will create as a result of my first weaving post!
Be good

Edinburgh flats said...

I have been thinking about weaving but somehow never started doing it. Is is difficult?

Corina Duyn said...

Weaving is not difficult at all. You probalby did the basics of it in primary school! The principle is that the yarn you are weaving with goes under a thread on a loom and then under the next. That's it really!
A loom can be anything- an picture frame will do!

Maybe I can ask my weaving teacher if she has some very basic information to get you all started!
I am loving it. and started a new desing yesterday. Very relaxing and soothing.

Kirsten said...

does it require a lot of patience thought corina? because that would be my downfall! (also if it is too hard on eyes or neck) i'm someone who needs pretty obvious results happening quickly...would have thought this illness might have taught me a bit more about this virtue by now, wouldn't you?!

Corina Duyn said...

Hi there Kirsten

Patience... well yes, but the funny thing is that the process of weaving is so addictive that somehow I can cope with the 'waiting for results'.. or maybe not.. I started a new project a few days ago, and actually can't wait till I get to the 'hair' bit as I am hoping to use rope. I have to weave a lot before I get to this point. Impatience, yes, but at the same time I am really enjoying the process....
Going around in circles or what! :-)

People think when living with ME that we require a lot of patience... we don't do we?

Hard on the eyes, well, I started with quite thick warp threads and thick yarn- which has the added bonus that the result is quick- elivating the impatient bit... and that was easy on the eyes. When I started with the thinner thread and yarn, in the beginning it was a bit hard to disinguish between the threads, but I got used to it, and as I love the result I now do not want to use the thick yarn anymore.
Neck... yes. But I just do a little every few days and make sure I stretch every few minutes. A bit like working on the computer or anything really- keep an eye on how your doing.

Still even with all that... GO FOR IT!! Start small and with thick yearn and see how you go. Look back at my first weaving (see first weaving post.)