Friday, January 27, 2012

Aer Arann... again

Further to my post about winning the Equality Tribunal Case against Aer Arann, it came to my attention that they did not review their Ground Operation Manual as ordered by the Tribunal back in June 2011.
  • The Tribunal ordered that Aer Arann “conduct a review of its policies and procedures ( to include their terms and conditions of carriage and their Ground Operations Manual) to ensure that they are in compliance with [ the Equal Status Acts 2000 – 2008].

By not following up on the findings, Aer Arann tries to make a mockery out of the Tribunal's findings.
As it stands, I could end up with the exact same problem if I ever were to travel with Aer Arann again...

It looks like I'm not done with them yet. 
My great solicitor has written to their solicitors and the Equality Tribunal.

But fighting fit!

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addon said...

Keep at them Corina - people should do what they are told to do.


Corina Duyn said...

I will!

My lawyer had responded straight away and I am grateful he did.
It probably will takes weeks, months to hear something again.
I won't give up!