Thursday, November 26, 2015

Earth's Wisdom

Self Hug © Corina Duyn 2012
Self Hug © Corina Duyn 2012

... I have missed writing blogs, just writing to share and reflect.
For 2 or 3 years I have been actively working on Into the Light. Reading, writing, editing, sourcing my images, and loved every minute of it. The hardest part of bringing out a book is not the writing of it but all the energy required to promote it.
That all started with it the very generous offer from John to start the funding campaign to pay for the printing. I had completely underestimated the demand for my energy that was required to do that, as most of the work was done by Brendan. Thank you both.
This mad busy, nerve wrecking time was followed by finishing the book and organising the book launches.  
However, Every step along the way brought it's own beauty too.  Especially meeting wonderful people along the way!

Rejuvenate © Corina Duyn 2012
Since the busy times are over I needed time to reflect, to the re-evaluate where I am at.  
To rest,  to rejuvenate. 

Recently, a friend forwarded a link to the Women Wellness Circle. What perfect timing to meet these wonderful young women, who themselves lived with chronic illness and found ways to bring wellness into their lives and share their wisdom with other women around the world. They speak to my heart. They talk about meditation, nature, self care, wisdom we have in our own bodies, if we are brave enough to listen. They take their wisdom from many sources, many resonate with me having read a lot of books over the past few years about illness, wellness, the wisdom of nature, the need for stillness and mediation. Thank you Sophie and Frances, and to Heike who shared the link to their website. I have followed the free sessions, and am now part of the one month long Radical Self Care Circle.

Metamorphosis © Corina Duyn 2012
Every time I listen to this meditation which very much brings us deep into the earth's strength and knowledge, I think how my own journey into wellness has progressed.
As followers of my work will know, my earlier sculptures and writing very much had the bird as theme. Flying into Freedom.
Three years or so ago, I suddenly started to use roots in my sculptures. This, I realized later was no coincidence, as I had become more firmly rooted in my thoughts.
Maybe flying was also a way to fly away from reality... 

Metapmorphosis was the first sculpture. Followed by several other pieces, which are feature in this blog, and on my website.

My last root-sculpture, Wisdom, created about a year ago, I feel is balancing those early birds, who brough me through a very touch time, and the being rooted in reality. Taking the wisdom from the earth and from the sky.

In my recently re-organised living room, this sculpture is now taking pride of place and is accompanying me on this journey into further self-care and gaining of more knowledge.

Thank you all who are on this journey with me.

Wisdom © Corina Duyn 2015

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