Thursday, October 27, 2016

ME/CFS to be highlighted at the next Intern tutorial

... you might remember how I - once again- had to explain ME to a hospital doctor? As I mentioned  in the Blog  post  "M.E. What is that" last week, I had filled out the hospital's online comment form. 

The Hospital's Complaints Co-ordinator responded by email: 
[...] is where I edited out the name of the hospital- the respondent, and the name of the consultant. If you would like to know- please send me a message) 

"... Firstly, on behalf of the hospital I wish to say sorry that you were unhappy following your consultation at the hospital.
I am aware you attended [ ....] Outpatient Clinic on the 19th October 2016. Can you advise if your email is referring to this attendance and if so do you wish to make a formal complaint about the doctor who attended to you?
I await you response...
[...] "

My reply:
In general I am not unhappy with the care I received at the clinic on the 19th. It is more a general thought and disappointment that in 2016 one still meets doctors who are not aware of M.E. Also known as CFS
It is disheartening to say the least.
"ME is a serious and potentially disabling chronic physical disorder, affecting up to 12,000 people in Ireland. Of that number, approximately 25% of those would be considered to be severely disabled, rendering them housebound and even bedbound and leaving the individual dependent upon carers for their everyday needs.
ME has been formally classified by the World Health Organisation as a neurological disorder in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) since 1969, although history has shown that this classification does not suit everybody. The renaming in the US of ME to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has led to loosening of the criteria for diagnosis and inconclusive research studies."
See for further details.
Maybe this condition can be added to teachings at the hospital, to prevent other people living with this debilitating condition having to spend time explaining their underlying illness, which in my case (and perhaps in many others) most likely contributes to the problems I am experiencing in my health, and for which my GP had referred me (back) to Dr. [... ] clinic.

Hospital Complaints Co-ordinator's response:
"Many thanks for your response.
I will forward a copy of your correspondence to the consultant in charge of the none consultant hospital doctors (NCHD’s) for highlighting at the next intern tutorial.
I trust the above will address your correspondence. Once again on behalf of the hospital please accept our apologies and thank you for your feedback."
[...] "

Stepping out of the box... © Corina Duyn

Perhaps this communication will make a tiny bit of a change in the right direction?

Best wishes to you all

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