Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sore hands and arms from walking

Yesterday I went for a walk along Lady Louisa's Walk, which starts just a few steps from my gate.
It is a walk I used to do almost every day in the autumn of 2008. It became the backdrop and inspiration for my book Cirrus Chronicles. In those days I would get beyond the first gate, and on very good days, to the field where I could see the Blackwater River. The field where Cirrus, a fairy from Cloud Nine, accidentally landed and met Sarah Robin ...

I used to love these little adventurers, where I could feel the air on my face, smell the autumnal changes in nature, and let my mind go to places beyond pain and exhaustion - to worlds unexplored.
All within ten minutes, of a slow walk, from my house.

Cirrus Chronicles is a modern day fairy tale for all ages.
See HERE for details, and a look inside
But for the past few years I just wasn't able for that 'far' a walk. I got to a few minutes a few times a year, but it wasn't satisfactory at all.

But yesterday was such a beautiful afternoon. Blue sky. Changing colours in nature. I needed to get out.
I contemplated using my mobility scooter, but it just didn't seem to be what I really wanted. 
A walk. A proper walk.

Proper walk, obviously being a walk of a half hour or more, to put on walking boots and get out there. Feel invigorated when you come back- kind of walk...

I went out. Got my two walking sticks ready; a plastic bag to sit on if my legs gave up; my phone- if I needed someone to 'rescue' me, and my cat Robert. Well he came voluntarily.

Robert usually comes for a walk with me, but this time he 'cried' when we passed the point we got to over the past few years. As if to say, 'are you sure you want to go this far'? He followed me and cried. 

I was chuffed that I go the first turn along the path.
I sat down on the stile, on my bag, and enjoyed to view I had not seen for so long. Robert continued to cry. 
I was very conscious that I had to walk back again, but waited long enough until I had sufficient energy again.

For the walk home, I set the stopwatch on my phone.
8.36 minutes, including three stops to take photos. 

Robert led the way.  Quietly! Not a sound out of him. Happy to bring me safely home.

My legs were dragging. I had to concentrate on every step. When I almost stumbled he looked up.

My hands were sore from leaning onto my sticks.

But the joy in my heart made up for it all.

Today my arms are sore. My legs weak. But I will go for a walk again. Tomorrow.

My heart is singing!


Sue said...

Wonderful, what a beautiful story

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Sue, for your enthusiastic response.

My walking has continued, well with a break of a few weeks.
Unfortuantely, my dear companion and guide Robert (Cat) passed away just after Christmas. But he is accompanying me anyway...

Sue said...

Hi Corina, I've only just seen this response. Much grace to you after losing Robert