Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Finding new ways to be part of society - through the written word.

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I seem to be ill at ease at the moment - or perhaps for the past few months. I see it as a time to re-evaluate 'where I am at'. What do I want? What do I like? What am I capable of doing - within these thoughts?  What is it that I don't like, or cost me so much energy that it negatively effects my health and well being? Physically and mentally.

Two sides of sheet from Into the Light book in a box
A few months ago I had a solo exhibition, and even before this event I knew it was to be a challenge beyond my capabilities (at that time).
Not so much the creative side of things, as I had plenty of sculptures, a few tapestries, my books, and I very much enjoyed making the prints from the Into the Light images and quotes. All that creative stuff I can do in my own time.
Over the years of living with ME/CFS I have managed to learn the act of pacing, and made it into a fine art!

The challenges were all the 'other stuff'. The logistics of getting me and my art/books to the gallery (I don't drive); to organise accommodation for a few nights so I could divide up the energy required for travel, from being present at the setting up of the show, and the actual launch night, and recover enough to travel back again. Having to deal with the gallery, organising the promotion etc. etc.
It took me months to recover from all this, and maybe my recent health challenges are a result from this event.

The good stuff of course is that it is really lovely to share my work with others. To receive heartwarming comments in the guestbook or via email. How my journey-through-life touches other people. My work is all about that. Or at least partly.
I create because I simply have to. My life has gone that way. But the sharing is certainly a beautiful side-effect.

For the story behind this image
and more about the exhibition, please see here
I swore I won't have another exhibition. But I had already one booked. A shared exhibition with my fellow Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) members to highlight our Abilities. I just have to be very sure that I mind myself as best I can over the next month, to delegate the jobs, to have the IWA staff and members do their share of jobs.

All will be well on the day!

After my solo exhibition, I made a plan not to plan, if you know what I mean... No plans for big creative adventures, although of course I am creating. And finding a more manageable way to be part of society -  through the written word.
Through this Blog.

It took me months to get to today. But I have arrived.

I endeavour to write more often about life (with illness) - the challenging stuff, but also the beauty that I see and experience. The raw thoughts.

As I don't follow much of the medical trials I will refer to other people's blogs for that information, or see the ME/SFS information page here.

I hope you will join me along this journey.

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