Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas time while living with chronic illness

Christmas poems by Corina Duyn from her book Hatched
page from Hatched 

Christmas is almost upon us.  A time of sharing. A time of memories past, and yet to be made. A time of celebration. Of love, fun and kindness. But - looking at it from the view point of someone living with chronic illness - for some this time can also be a time of worry.

My Christmas times are quiet, and I like them that way.

But I know that for many it can be a challenge not to go along with the 'norm'. To not feel the pressure to pretend to be well.

There might be worry about shopping, about buying presents, about travel, about organising food. The financial burden.

The thought of being in the company of many others when really you can only cope with one or two people around you at the one time, might already bring stress.
The worry about going over the precious energy levels and ending up with a relapse. The accompanying thought: "Is it worth it?" It might well be!
Christmas poems by Corina Duyn from her book Hatched
page from Hatched 

When one is well for a short time, 'others' might think that you can always be that well, and that you are 'faking' illness.
How, or can one stand up for ones needs? Concerns on how others would react to those needs.

These are real pressures for some, and it can be a huge challenge to not get drawn into situation you don't want to be in.

Those of you who live with chronic illness, or are in constant pain, I truly wish that you are able to carve out me time, and stand up for what is important to you.

Hard, I know...

I truly hope that you find some time to value the true sense of Christmas. Not get drawn into the madness.
Enjoy the light- the festival of light.
Enjoy the company- for as much as you can manage.

Maybe see if you can simplify your Christmas preparations.
Friends and family, hopefully, value your presence more than they would like a bought gift.
Share a friendly smile.  A listening ear. A hug. Write a letter, a short note of thanks...

Plan ahead: creating a balance of the time spend with others, and time in solitude.

My health has improved a great deal since writing these poems which are from my book Hatched- a creative journey through M.E. More able to be out of the house more often and have some level of independence. But even so, I still like to focus on the simply things of Christmas...

Lots of love to you all.
I am thinking of you.

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