Friday, December 23, 2016

Flying out on Little Wings

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Flying on Little Wings

At the end of this eventful year, personally and in the world, I find myself setting off on my next flight on Little Wings with the thought: "I don’t want to rip the skies wide open, I just want my song to be heard.."

The recent meetings with some amazing people like Carolann Copland at the CAP Awards for Indie Writers in Dublin,  Grace O'Sullivan at the launch of Dis-ability ... This Ability exhibition,  Bernadette and Stan Phillips who invited me to chat on their World in View radio program, and Mags Durand - social media mentor-   have collectively set me up for my next flight on 'Little Wings'.   But of course it is not just this select group of people, but all of you who have supported me throughout this year of discovery, of challenges, beauty, pain, gratitude, puppets, creativity, and new friendships - in real life and in cyberspace.

Thank you, from the deepest space in my heart
for being part of my journey - part of my life.
Wishing you all a peaceful year ahead.

As this past week brought me back to the wise words of singer Kris Delmhorst, who years ago gave me permission to use her song Little Wings in the Flight Path documentary about the making of my book Hatched, I will leave you with the lyrics of her song, which you can also listen to  here 

Little wings by Kris Delmhorst

today I went flying in my favorite patch of sky
I circled and I circled above the world so high
and I thought to myself, what a lovely lovely thing
to be up here with the clouds, to be flying right out loud on little wings
then I met a 747, then he knocked me right out of the sky
he landed down beside me, he looked me in the eye and said
I don’t know why you even bother, I don’t know why you even try
I don’t know where you hope to get to, I don’t know how you hope to fly on those little wings
little wings
little wings
little wings
now I don’t want to be a jet airliner, I just want to be a little bird
I don’t want to rip the skies wide open, I just want my song to be heard
and I don’t want to be state of the art, I don’t want to get there overnight
I just want to be part of all this beauty, want to be part of all this flight on little wings

I’ll never be a flea in your circus, I’ll never be a prop up on your stage,
I’ll never be one more little songbird you can try to keep inside your cage,
you’re never gonna tell me where to fly, you’re never gonna tell me what to sing
and if I end up lost and all alone at least I know I got there on my own two little wings

I guess that you reap what you sow
I guess it gets lonely at the top
I guess it gets harder and harder
to ever really know just when to stop

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Holy Way said...

Beautiful poem. Powerful words. "What a lovely lovely thing " indeed!