Monday, December 5, 2016

The magic of Christmas is through sharing

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you well.

My thoughts during these (frenzied) pre-Christmas-shopping-days go to those 
people who have no home - who are living in hotels, hostels, shelters, or on the streets. And to
 the children in these situations, or those young souls who need our support to simply be a child.
And to adults and children who are living with the challenges of illness.

With this in mind, I am making donations in various ways: 

  • 25% of proceeds of orders for Into the Light books, or prints, or original sculptures will go to Focus Ireland. 

    “Focus Ireland helps prevent families, young people and individuals from having to first experience homelessness if possible. For those currently experiencing homelessness, they identify the best available supports and options to aid them on their journey out of homelessness”.
  • I will match each order of Cirrus Chronicles– Landing in Ballynelligan for a Children’s group of your choice, for example Barnados, with an extra copy of the book, and a copy 'Flying on Little Wings'. I will pay for the postage.

    “Barnardos is a children’s charity. They work with vulnerable children and their families in Ireland and campaign for the rights of all children”.
  • And those of you who would like to support their local hospice or health clinic with the Into the Light Care Box (which has a set of laminated pages specifically designed for use in hospital/hospice/complementary clinic/care centre/GP etc), I will acknowledge your kindness with the box, and will cover the cost of postage. The true cost of this version is €60, but through sponsorship has been reduced to €40. 

  See all the details on how to get involved HERE

Thank you for your kindness this Christmas.

Thank you for helping me to help others.
Or by finding other ways to support the people who need us the most at this time of the year -
through funds, clothing, practical support and kindness.
With every best wish to you and all.

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