Monday, January 2, 2017

Nature is an incredible teacher

page from Into the Light with image of flower and quote by Ingrid Bacci and Corina Duyn
Two sides fo sheet from Into the Light by Corina Duyn

Nature is an incredible teacher.
We are meant to revere her, 
to listen to her in awe and to become part of her.

Ingrid Bacci - The Art of Effortless Living 

This morning after my meditation I opened the Into the Light book in a box again. The page that made its way into my hands was about nature. Nature, and especially the birds, have been such an invaluable teaching tool for learning to live well with illness. 

In the early years of being bed bound, housebound, and garden bound, I listened to the birds. I watched the birds at the feeder hanging in front of my bedroom window. I watched these birds feed their young. And smiled at a crow walking with pride on my wall through the snow. I marvelled at how the birds sang even when the rain was belting down on top of them. (Many of these observations are in my book Hatched - now available as download here for €3.99)

The birds have to keep going matter what.
We keep going no matter what...

And yet,
And yet,
Nature tells us to observe the rhythm of life.
To look at the seasons.
To rest, unwind and go to sleep when it gets dark.
To slow down during winter time. To "hibernate" perhaps.

"Withdrawing during winter days of illness is taking a cue from nature"
Corina Duyn - Into the Light 

To re-emerge in "spring" with renewed strength and wisdom.
To be able to face the world again.

We can not simply keep going, and going.
There is a time for rest, for growth, for blossoming, but also for letting go.
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.
Night, Dawn, Day, Dusk.
Breath out, pause, breath in, pause.

In today's society with the constant connectiveness to social media and the internet, the hardest lesson for many is probably to switch of. To really switch off.

Go outside.
Look at the sky (even from your bed or chair).
Smell the earth.
Touch the earth.

By doing that, we will be able to connect with the rhythm of nature.
And re-connect with one's own rhythm.
To re-learn what nature can teach us.

Be well my dear friends.

This is the quote from the page as pictured above
"Nature is in all of us 
embedded in our very core through the memory of our ancestors
If we take the time to observe we learn Re-learnEach flower teaches us about renewal Every birdthe strength to keep going no matter whatIf we do not open ourselves to the wisdom natureis willing to share with us we will be deprivedof how far we can grow"

Corina Duyn - Into the Light

The book is available here 

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