Sunday, January 1, 2017

The value of friendship

Books by Corina Duyn

Dear friends,

At the start of this new year my intention is to write a daily reflecting on life. Illness has taught me a lot. But so has creativity, reading and writing books, and being an observer of nature. 

Each day (when up for writing) I will randomly 
  • pick a sheet from Into the Light-book in a box -A book with reflections on life and write my thoughts on the subject covered
  • Or tell about the books of the authors I quote in Into the Light
  • I might reflect on something I am currently reading, or heard on radio
  • Perhaps I open a page of any of my other books
  • Or respond to a question one of my followers have put to me

Will you join me on this journey?
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The first sheet from Into the Light-book in a box  that made it into my hands this morning is about friendship,  with a quote by Cheri Register - Living with Chronic Illness 

... what I want from a friend is not a remedy but a tangible link 
to the world beyond my malfunctioning body, 
a sign that I have not been abandoned to the pain.
two sides of sheet from Into the Light by Corina Duyn
My thoughts: 
who are able
to deal with the 
illness exposes become
the best friends 
one can have 

I thought it rather interesting that this page was the one I randomly picked from the box:

I have received an overwhelming amount of kindness from friends near, far and in cyberspace, who understood the significance of the passing of my beloved cat Robert.
Robert was a great friend.
The Blog Post about his life was the most read post ever on my blog. And I received phonecalls, a letter dropped off at my house, neighbours attending the burial, text messages, hugs, emails, comments of support on Facebook...

The image of MEme and Chuletta on the card has it's own significance.
MEme is the penguin who travelled the world to, and with, friends and family while I was too unwell to leave the house.
Only in the past few days have I resurrected her very own blog.

I can truly wish for you to have friends in your life who understand the challenges you might face right now.
Who do not judge you for not partaking in 'normal' life.
Who will be at your side no matter what.
Who will not try to fix you, but support you in stead.
Who are comfortable with you on days that life just seems to hard to handle.

With every best wish to you
 and Thank You for Your friendship!

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