Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flying on Little Wings- handmade book

Life with an illness is a "funny" thing isn't it. Not ha, ha funny, but more the peculiarity of it all.
For me, my creative brain takes full advantage when I am forced to stop moving around, rest a lot, and am re-evaluating where I am at.

During the past challenging spell, my mind wandered to the photographs I have of life in my little garden, and how they are all locked up in my computer's hard drive. Fair enough some found a bit of freedom by making their presence known on my website or onto my Facebook page or here on this little wings blog.

My thoughts moved to books, handmade books in particular, something I have longed to explore further for quite some time. I thought about writing.... and sharing a message of hope.

Playtime on the computer, playtime with leather, thread, glue, and ink on paper, all contributed to the birth of my next book: Flying on Little Wings.

In short, it is a 36 page book, with lots of photographs of birds, and a simple message in between. Hand bound in leather wrap around cover. Approximately 13 x 13 cm.

I am rather chuffed with the result and relieved when my artist friend Spark really liked it too, even in it's very rough stage of multiple printed images glued over each other, and the rough quality of printing... I can't wait for the proper printing paper to arrive and I can start the process of REAL printing. Yesterday bought the more leather, and other materials.

I intent to bring out this book as a limited edition of 50 copies. As soon as the first one is ready, I will post more about it on this blog and on my website.
(... in the meantime, if you have a great desire to become the owner of your own personally signed handmade copy please stay in touch, or let me know your interest!)

In all, what I a most excited about
is that my creativity
found space to flourish again.

Love to you all!

ps, feel free to share this post on facebook, twitter, or wherever you like! :-)
and as always, I love to read your comments and thoughts! X


suepage said...

I want one! Please reserve me one Corina - I look forward to seeing it.

So glad your creativity is helping you thro all this.x

Corina Duyn said...

Well thank you Sue! I'll am so chuffed that you have such fate in my creative abilily. As soon as the book is ready I'll let you kow!

suepage said...

I have seen enough to know I'll love it Corina!x