Monday, May 28, 2012

Flying into the Light

Some of you might, or might not... remember a work in progress which I shared with you mid November of last year. It is called Into the Light. I had started to work on this Bird sculpture/artist Doll in 2010, as a response to a piece of writing I had been working on: "Shadows of an Invisible Octopus". Someday I might share the story with you..., in short, it is about growing up, my great grand mother, living with M.E., writing and birds....
Confused yet? :-)

Anyway the sculpture developed into it's own being over the months I worked on it. The making of the bird started in my old shed, which, at the time, tried to function as a studio. Then the new, proper, gorgeous studio The Garden Room was build and the first piece I worked on was Into the Light. But as other 'creatives' might experience as well, there is a time and place to work on a particular project. The conepuppets took over creative control in December, followed by the wood sculptures early in this year. After the recent prolonged relapse I slowly made my way back to my studio, and the piece that "screamed" for my attention was the bird and the half made doll. Suddenly I realised that even with half an hours work every few days, there was a possibility that I could actually finish this Artist Doll. What a lovely experience to have. For months nothing seems possible anymore, even the most mundane tasks took their toll on my energy and well being. Suddenly I could see an end to something, an accomplishment, I could 'fly out of the shadows and into the light again....' How appropriate a title I had given it months before I was to finish it.

Here she is:

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