Thursday, July 20, 2017

A set of cards to support people living with chronic illness

An M.E. buddy Ricky Buchanan created this wonderful set of 'Energy-Saving Self Care Cards'. With a  few words of realistic goals for chronically ill people, even those who are housebound or bed bound, like Ricky herself.
'Energy-Saving Self Care Cards' by Ricky Buchanan

"Cards have been sorted into three categories - "Internal" cards have suggestions that are all in your head. "External" cards for things you can do in the world, and "Sensory" for suggestions that cater to your five senses.

They fit in the palm of your hand, like a deck of playing cards.

The set is available HERE. The order arrived within about ten days.
A few of the cards, including one of the blank ones
to write your own thoughts o

Maybe, if others in Ireland are interested in getting a pack, it might be an idea to order several sets to be posted to the one address. It would cut the postage costs.

Well done Ricky!
I love them.


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