Monday, July 10, 2017

Hiding in my writing cave

I am about to hide away in my 'Writing Cave' for the next while, as I have two Art applications to fill in, and a paper to prepare for the Broken Puppet Symposium.

One application is due this Thursday.
And I only found it yesterday, but it seems to right up my street: "Arts Participation". So am going to give it my best.
The other application is due next week. It is short, and almost written: "An expression of interest for Art Commission for the New Children's Hospital in Dublin."
Then before the 2nd August I have to write, and prepare for the talk at the Puppet Symposium.
papers to write, applications to fill

All in the line of progress.
All connected!

And didn't I write the other day that you can make anything by writing...?

So, if you don't see much of me, I am most likely hiding in my writing cave.

But first today, I am going to spend an afternoon with other creatives.
Something I have not done for years, (painting I mean), but for some reason the wish to paint came up during my visit to Holland.
I try to listen to those whims!

Getting my 'travel basket' ready for the painting afternoon

See you all when I can.
Be Well!

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