Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Puppet making workshop

It has been a while since wrote my blog...

Writing time on the computer is limited. Like anything else in life, priorities had to be made.

As you might have read, for the past while I had to dig deep to find my balance again. To find the trust again in who I am as an artist and writer living with chronic illness.

I dug deep. Literally in the soil of my garden, and metaphorically in my being.
Sorting what could go: plants, stuff, weeds, people, thoughts, situations. I looked back at what works for me, where my life's interest are, and being (somewhat) realistic where my capabilities lie. Anyway, I know that all of this was to make space for new adventures.

The Life Outside the Box Puppet project, which I facilitated a while back with my fellow members of the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA), is a project dear to my heart. I loved working with my fellow members. To see them grow in confidence. To explore how they could make the puppets. To be part of the laughter. The joy. To see how to project was welcomed outside of the IWA. Out in the community.

I am ready to see how I can develop my ideas further, also in practical terms. I have made some amazing creative contacts of late, who have all supported me to make this next step. The Puppet Symposium in a few weeks, is a wonderful opportunity to make valuable contacts in this new field of research. And have applied for a Arts Participation Bursary from the Arts Council.
I am stepping out of my box. Out of my cocoon.

And I am excited to say, that I am getting my studio, and mind, ready to welcome my first three puppet making students. We are starting in a few days!

Ready for the first puppet making workshop
puppet in the making... (with walking sticks)
this is how it will all begin
The Little Wings Studio

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