Tuesday, July 25, 2017

All done and dusted

The hospital saga is finally over.
During the past 6 months there has been WAY too much emphasis on medical issues. Hospital appointments, procedures, surgery, in patient stays and waiting for scans and results...

After seeing the neurologist yesterday (a three and half hour wait in a crowded waiting room and corridor) I was told that although the MRI scan revealed further deterioration of my upper spine/neck, the spinal cord was not affected. GOOD! So knowing that, I can go back to sorting my wacky body out for myself. In the way I feel best. Away from hospitals.
The answers to my wellbeing are not to be found in hospitals...
There was a brief mention again of neuro-psychiatry but I choose to ignore that. Also some other scary sounding drug, which improves energy, and is used by guys running around on the stockbroker markets... I am not interested.

What I am interested in, is, how I can go back to being me. 
To play in my studio. To be among creative individuals. To be out in nature, in my garden, and beyond. To find solace in meditation, and silence. To explore how I can increase my movements.
observing the many bees on my lavender plant
To get back on track with my walking plan, and now I know that my spinal cord is ok, I can do some gentle exercises with more confidence. I will seek support with straightening my 'twisted' spine and neck. And maybe, just maybe, I can put a plan in place to get onto some form of bicycle... Even if that means starting with a peddle-devise placed on the floor to get my legs moving like it would be on a bike. Sitting on the duo-bicycle in Holland is still SO much on my mind.

It is just unfortunate that there was a two month delay (after being an in-patient in hospital) to be able to trust my own gut feelings. Medics around me all had emphasized the importance of the brain, neck and upper spine MRI, that I felt my life - my progress back to some 'normality'- was on hold.

Health Service Executive


I am looking forward to getting back on track.

In the creative sense I have already done so.

  • I started teaching my first puppet making class last Sunday. A class of three students.
  • And I already have three students booked in for a class starting in September.
  • Next week I will be giving my talk at the Puppet Symposium. I am honoured to be among such an amazing group of speakers from all over the world. (And a little daunted by it too, to be honest.)
  • And I have made a gentle return to working on my animation figures. Making a mould to make little hands... This is already a one year project. Two to make the finishing line?

Anne and Margaret working hard
start of making the head
Even at this early stage the three puppets
are developing their own personalities
making the base for the puppet hands 
making the base for the puppet hands


Therese Doherty said...

Good luck with your puppet-making classes. If I was in your part of the world, I'd be there too! ;)

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks Therese

We could have a look at teaching via Skype?
I am intending to create short videos of the process of making puppets and an illustrated guide, which might be of interest to you.

best wishes

Tonkl said...

WOW, dear dear cousin, You keep amazing me. So fragile and so Strong. A beautiful mind :)

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you so much Ton.
Touches my heart.