Monday, May 2, 2011

The beauty is in the detail

A few days ago I was given a macro-lens on loan. 
One step further to fulfilling my dream of owning one!
Playing with it's possibilities, I created this series of images of the Aquilegia.

Robert (Cat) has to get into the picture again see here  what I mean, 
although this time it is just with a few hairs!

Watering the garden 'handsfree' gave me time to play with capturing water on 'film'

Love, Love this one!! Enlarge it if you can, and "see" the drop of water fall from the flower buds

... and to come back to yesterday's post write-time... 
As I am facilitating the next writers group meeting I am about to consult the book by Julia Cameron
  The RIGHT to WRITE. 
Didn't I find the answer to my query while glancing over the back cover! 

It's about using writing to bring clarity and passion to the act of living.

Case closed (for now)

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Kirsten said...

adoring the last one too...looks like you have had lots of fun 'playing'. LOVE macro!

di said...

pretty pretty tiny little worlds

Corina Duyn said...

thank you ladies.
In times when out world shrinking by alarming proportions, it is good to look at our world in detail. This way our world will turns large again. If you know what I mean.