Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visitors planning on moving in

A few days ago, I was lying on the couch and watched a sparrow fly into my kitchen
 and sat, quite relaxed, on the top of the open door. 
He left, came back for a second look, and checked out the top of the kitchen cupboards.
Left again, and came back with its partner.
The twittering going on was as if to say, "What you think, would this be a nice place to move in to?"
Robert was watching from the opposite site of the kitchen, also purched on top of a kitchen unit.
The swallows flew very close to him, but didn't seem to be bothered by his presence.
One went further afield and checked out my bathroom.

As much as I love to have swallows nesting in my house, 
and be able to watch the family grow from the comfort of my couch...
the amount of 'poop' from their brief visit put me off the idea...
and the fact that it meant I'd have to keep the kitchen door open at all times...
(it's cold the past month)
and Robert probably would have chicks for breakfast ...

As alway, I love to hear/read your thoughts.
Facebook still moving on without me, so if you like to share your thoughts, 
please be so kind to do it here, below in the comment box.
Many thanks for your visit.
X Corina

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