Friday, December 13, 2019

'Invisible Octopus' (8) short film abstract

Living in the shadows of an Invisible Octopus: Working on ‘Invisible Octopus’ inexplicably forced me to examine and establish the truth about what is my normal.

During the past five months I have been working with Dr. Emma Fisher through a mentoring bursary from the Arts & Disability Ireland Connect Scheme. The aim was to write a script for my existing puppets, as well as explore alternative forms of puppetry to accommodate the physical challenges due to my chronic illness/disability M.E.. In this paper, which I am sharing in sections, I explore the background to ‘Invisible Octopus’ and the challenges, opportunities and personal revelations it brought. 

Aram and Marwa on filming day with support of Lorraine


The intention was to create a short film. So far I have a script, and possible ideas on how to proceed with the is a abstract of one of two short sessions we did. For further details about the project, please see the links below.

 Click here for short film abstract (1.40 min) of

'Invisible Octopus’ 

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