Thursday, September 9, 2010

Corina Duyn (author)

I received a letter in the post today with the following written on the envelop: Corina Duyn (author), followed only by the name of my town, and the county.
This kind of posting is 'only' possible in Ireland. Well, certainly not in any other developed country (... I can hear you think ... Ireland- developed..? Who are you kidding...) The lady had so much trust in the postal system that she didn't even write a return address on the envelop!

In my 'previous life' as a doll artist, I remember a letter with ... I don't remember... need to find it.. ah.. Folk Art. followed by town and county. It did not even have my name on it!

Anyway, today's letter, written by a woman with M.E. was a welcome arrival on my 'proverbial' doormat. This lady had read my story 'Edvard Munch meets Louis Armstrong' ( read it here- page 11 ) in the IWA- Spokeout magazine, and wanted to congratulate me on the story. She identified with the theme - the passing of a parent. She also has M.E. and wrote she is able to get out into her garden, and was a little envious of my polytunnel!

Incidentally, yesterday I received a letter in the post from an IWA bus driver/P.A. from Midleton, who asked permission to reprint an article I wrote for the newspapers Those disabled look funny don't they .

Both these letters and comments on my Facebook page were a welcome boost to the confidence in my writing.
I can't say I suffer from writers block. The times of uncertainty, I just write in my notebook, about writing.... if I can, or if I can't, and if I can, what will I write about? Pages and pages!

The past few days I've been working on the article about the for and against of social-internet-networks. Watch this space!

Thanks all for giving me that little boost again.

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Kirsten said...

that's amazing corina! (what a fantastic boost too)