Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Eleven, Birds

As it turned out, I didn't take Robert Cat's advise about taking it easy yesterday. My day turned into a somewhat chaotic day, and only I am to blame for that!
The day felt a bit like the crows here hoovering above the field of recently cut barley, opposite my house.
Thank goodness I came to my senses and observed the more tranquil view of swallows having a chat (love their chattering sound) on the telephone wire. (over the same field)
I imagined them communicating about the trip they are about to make to Africa.

"Now listen up. Have a good look around this place. I expect you to find this exact location again next year, to rear your own chicks."
"Yes mam." The young swallows twitter in tandem. "You told us this so many times already."
"Fair enough, but I am nervous. We only have a short time left to fit in enough flying hours to get you ready for the journey of a lifetime."
"Yes mam." The young ones say again, while fidgeting on the wire.
"Don't 'Yes Mam' me!" The mother responds. "This journey is no laughing matter. Remember to always stay close to me and your dad, so you won't get lost in the huge flock that will be travelling."
"Yes mam, we promise, now can we go and play?"
"Of you go."


Kirsten said...

wow - never seen that many crows together...can't even imagine the noise. love that second shot.

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks kp! :-)
It was quite a surreal expereince, all these crows.
The swallows (second image) are gathering everyday on the teephone wire. I think they'll be leaving soon for warmer climates as it is suddenly much cooler. Autumn is here!

Kirsten said...

whatever you do, please don't send them this way!