Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day Thirteen- A Virtual World Book Tour

As I have come to the conclusion that it is unlikely I will be doing a Real-Life- Book-Tour in the foreseeable future (yes I agree, it took me a while), I have decided to go on a virtual one!

Here's the "schedule" for both Cirrus Chronicles and Hatched
  • I will be appearing at the Cirrus and Hatched Facebook pages, where you can see sample illustrated pages, and read reviews
  • I will answer any of your questions about the writing of the book, the inspiration, the illustrations, or whatever is on your mind regarding these books.
  • To partake in the discussion, please visit the Cirrus Chronicles- Discussion Board
  • Or, if you have more interest in Hatched, then click here
  • On both these pages you can also add your personal comment.
  • I will be in the Coffee Lounge in the M.E Centre in Second Life on Friday 24th September 12pm (pacific Time) which is 8pm Irish/Uk time (I hope to goodnes I got this time 'thing' right)
To Celebrate this Virtual-World- Book-Tour, there is a special books offer:
Order both books for €25, see SHOP
(discount of €5);

I will sign the books with a personal message
(please give details on the order form);

And am offering Free Worldwide Postage,
(as if we were to meet in real life there would be no postage!)

The books are also available individually, see books

(The proceeds will go to the financing of the next edition in the Cirrus Chronicles
and/or a novella...)
  • To make it a real big event, please invite your friends to the Hatched, or Cirrus Facebook pages!
  • Many thanks to all of you who have already read my books, and emailed or posted hand written letters, with comments about my work (my babies), and a big welcome to my new readers and friends.

There are refreshments in your own kitchen, or I can offer you a virtual glass of wine! :- )

If still sober, or even when not, it is possible to leave a message/comment! Thanks!

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