Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day three

I am starting a new series of blogs. But, ... as I never seem to do things the conventional way, I'll start this series with Day 3.
Let me explain!

As you know, or in any case you know now, I have been living with the condition M.E. for the past twelve years. I had times of being pretty much bed bound, to a great degree housebound, and for the past few years, finding my feet (or wings) again to be able to partake in the world outside my four walls, or bird cage - to stay within the egg and bird theme (see Hatched).

I must admit I've had a tough time, but can't say it was all bad. I found my writers voice. I created drawings, painting, sculptures and digital art, which found their way all over the world and even into the virtual world of Second Life.
My gratitude to all who supported me personally and virtually is huge! A big thank you to all who stuck by me, and for letting me be part of your world.

My desire to be well is always present, and not more so than during the past six months when my trust in recovery was seriously undermined by a 'wrong' treatment and a series of respiratory track infections.
What worried me most during the past few weeks was that I felt 'down', 'flat' in a way. I didn't feel the same excitement for life as I had gotten used to. I did write, worked on sculptures, attended to my garden, but the joy of doing so didn't last beyond the time of being engaged in the process.

My G.P has been supportive and had helped me to find the cause of the infections, and my lingering exhaustion. Believing in the power of the mind, I also sourced the next 'guided meditation/hypnotherapy' download from Kerie Logan see Empowered within. Kerie has created a long list of meditations to combat many issues. I find her guidance very positive and safe.

One of the meditations, which I actually purchased to help me deal with an attachment to one of my ancestors, in turn became the trigger to help me on my road to recovery again. At least a mental one, which I trust in time will have a positive influence on my body.
In the meditation, I burned my chosen symbol for M.E. (my mobility scooter) to a white powdery dust. This was done after giving thanks to what illness has brought in life. I felt hugely supported throughout this process.

So now on Day Three since the meditation, I feel strong.
My mind set has changed. I tell myself I am well. I am calmer and more in tune with the day, my desires and hopes. To say that I am suddenly able to do everything my heart desires would be a lie, but feeling better in my mind is a huge bonus. Once again see that physical healing is more within reach.
"Was greated by a lovely cloud of a 'puppy' giving a paw'."

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