Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 60+61: I can work in the shop in my pj's!

Today is a day to work in my shop...
My web- shop that is
So can actually sit here in my payama's
and nobody will take any notice!

Of course, I hope you will take notice
of the books and cards on offer
in my Shop

Or maybe posters, made to order,
with your own choice of design
taken from my books.

Or... a sculpture?

All with free worldwide delivery

Here a few samples
(click on the red underlined words, for direct links)
One copy of the Cirrus Chronicles
and 8 greeting cards/ envelopes

Or what about Robert...
"I swear I didn't kill the Elf"

A personalised signed copy of both
Hatched and the Cirrus Chronicles

to name but a few items
in my Little Wings Shop !

I look forward to have your company.

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