Friday, November 5, 2010

Day Fifty-seven: Word Play

Last night I was the facilitator at the monthly writers group.
Energy was low, pain was high. A day of rest and a few doses of painkillers made it possible to go.

So glad I made it, as this monthly gathering is high on my agenda.
The sharing of words, stories, poems, and written plays are wonderful.

To get us started I had brought a box of 'magnetic fridge poetry words'.
I asked everyone to take handful of them out of the box and try to create a sentence or quote from them.

Here are a few results:
  • his cheery cherry tempest won't splash but shall float
  • maybe my gentle splendid nephew slumber
  • absent harmony can ignite corrupt idol- an interrupted fortress in manic melody - marry you?- our loveless hideous eclipse
  • milky silent raindrops can cloak a swirling sultry malice
  • did sleek cat who consume deluge cream flatter my faint golden sunburst
  • smoke-river-tumbling- around together
  • flower-pear-his-delight
  • spirit-cloud-I
  • ignore desire and we have spring orange colour (this was my draw from the box
After this funny start we read our stories with as topic the first memory of books, or writing. As always, we were treated to some wonderful. See apples and books for a version of my own story.

The night ended with a read-through of a historical play in the making.

A big thank you my fellow writers for a wonderful night of words.

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