Saturday, November 27, 2010

Are you SURE?

Yesterday I received a comment from Sue to a post on Facebook,
.'..I don't need to nag you about not overdoing it do I???!!! '
'I echo Sue's nagging . We have to take care of each other... '(Di)
This was echoed by more people today

This morning I woke up with Sue's "nagging" beating in my head.
They are right. Of course.
It is important not to overdo it, especially when energy is at a premium.

The "nag" brought me back to my early years with M.E., and to the arrival of my first computer.
At the time, I could only be on the computer for about 20 minutes a day. Sometimes impatient to see if anyone had responded to an email (esp when I put an add on a dating site... that's a different story all together...) I had to stop myself from turning the computer on for a second time that day.
To stop myself I hang a note on the screen:
It worked!

I did stop and think about what I was about to do.

I made more of these notes.
One was stuck on the mirror in the hall. I would see it many times a day and especially when I had the absolute need to escape the house. I had to be SURE that I really had sufficient energy to put on my coat- shoes etc. and that I after that could walk a few minutes outside.
( All the effort to get dressed rarely made for a satisfactory outcome, as of course I wanted to go further than the corner. I wanted to escape. Escape M.E. Escape me.... )

So I had to be sure, and had to stop and think if my intended action was needed, if it would be a good use of energy- could 'it' be done by someone else, can 'it' wait, what is the alternative, etc etc.

Having just 'recovered' from my recent bad spell, I have to ask these questions again.
Is it absolutely vital that I make more Christmas cards for the Market tomorrow.
No it isn't.
Is going to the market needed?
Questionable- but I do know that I meet up with friends from a part of my life when I used to organise these kind of fairs. It is good to have contact with that part of my life, even if it is only once a year. If it is that important, I need to calculate a day of rest before and after the event. I will put the plan in action.
So, yes, I am sure that going to the market is a good use of energy.

For other more immediate questions, I have my trusted timer. I bring it with me. Like in the picture I brought it into the greenhouse. Now it is ticking away on my desk. I have 5 minutes left on the clock, so better finish this blog.

Ps Of course, The Are you SURE note is not just for people with M.E. It is also valuable for people who have their feet in the 'real' world. Are you sure that they need to do overtime? Are you sure you need that new coat? Are you sure you need to change your car? Are you sure you have to go out to the pub? Are you sure that you don't have time to chat with your kids...

See you soon my friends!

And last but not least- thank you again my friends for your company and support!!!
I mean that!


sue page said...

Good one Corina. I think these are all things we need to think of everyday. Energy is such a precious commodity for us. But I think it makes it extra special when we do do things that mean a lot to us - like meeting up with friends.
I have a timer too! Mine is a digital one. I used to use it loads and loads when I was really ill and trying to do strict pacing. I didn't like it, but I do know it helped me.
I wish you a lovely time at the market.

Love from your'nagging'friend!!x
(founding member of the pacing police!)

Corina Duyn said...

Thank Sue- founding member of the Pacing Police! What's the uniform like? Fancy dress or stern looking tight blue suit... :-)

I enjoyed the market, although it was rahter quiet as a pack of snow covered our country. still lovley to meet up with old friends!