Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shadows in the snow

First of all, a warm welcome to my new friends/followers on this Little Wings Blog

It's cold today. Bitterly cold. But as it just started to snow again, it makes for an almost perfect world... (as long as I stay here in my study where the radiator is sending out warm hugs around my legs.) The sky full of snow is blocking out the view of the mountain. The view nearby makes up for it: birds are frequenting my garden.

On Sunday- on our way back from the Christmas Market, the sky was a clear beautiful shade of blue- almost turquoise. The mountain had streaks of snow on it. Seeing this view alone made it worthwhile to have gone to the market.

Sunday morning I went out to take some photos of my snowy surroundings. Once again I am enthralled by the shadows that were created. Distortion and clarity at the same time.

Shadows is also the theme of my current writing, which I hope to share with you someday.
"Shadows of an Invisible Octopus"
What I love most about writing is that even when I have a very clear idea about what I am going to write, the minute my fingers hit the keyboard, or my pen's ink flows over the paper, the story makes an unexpected detour. Unexpected and yet it makes perfect sense.

The story started out as Noa's fictional autobiography- I suppose the fictional element gave me the freedom to 'play with words'. But as shadows were seeking more and more of my attention, I ended up rewriting the part that I had written. The story is now semi-autobiographical with lots of fiction in between the lines.

In the second part of the book, the shadow is revealing it's identity. Yesterday the shadow hooked up with a character who called himself 'Malious the Great'. Shortly after they met, they became rivals. I was utterly surprised and yet it makes sense. My life with and without M.E. made more sense. Distortion and clarity at the same time.

I look forward to more revelations, so will let my fingers play on the keyboard later on!

First... have to rescue hot chili peppers from my now not so warm greenhouse...

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Sue Page said...

Can't wait to read the story you are writing Corina. sounds very intriguing!
Beautiful snow/ shadow pictures too.

Here in North Norfolk we still have no snow - I think we are about the only place in England that hasn't!
Keep warm.x