Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day Fifty-six: End of the Rainbow

How thoughts can chance in a second...

Nurturing my tired body in the bath, I was thinking about today's blog. About how I've met The Bull (M.E.) again and the need to rethink how 'we' can continue our walk to the fence of recovery, and about the recent blog/facebook discussion for the need to highlight M.E....

But post had arrived and there was a letter for me.
My blog-subject changed the very second I opened the letter.

Let me start from the start.

The town of Lismore has a weekly Alphabet Lotto to raise funds for community projects, like the creation of the Millennium Park, and the setting up of the Farmers Market, to name but a few.
When I am in the Credit Union, I buy a ticket. My four letters are (in alphabetical order) I.N.O.W. which if you play with the position of the letters would read I WON. I always thought this to be a brilliant headline in the paper: Corina Duyn predicted a win in the Mochuda Lotto, with the letters I WON.

Last Tuesday I was convinced I was going to get that phone call with the wonderful news of being the winner.
I sat in my study, and had brought the phone with me, just in case...
The phone rang.
The caller i.d. showed a local number.
It was a friend, who's number I had not yet stored in my phone's memory.

Yesterday I was in the Credit Union. I bought a ticket for next weeks draw and told them the story. Oh well, maybe next time.

The letter I received today had a cheque in it.
No, not for the jackpot, but one for the €15 consolation price.

I am still laughing!

The power of positive thoughts!


Carol said...

Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts, and such a beautiful photo, Corina. :-)

di said...

do you feel suitably consoled ?? i hope so

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks Carol and Di.
I feel suitably consoled. Actually I was rather ecstatic to be honest.
I am now channeling my postive thoughts toward an art bursary I hope to here from in the next week. Any help with the positive thoughts greatly accepted!

Very often we have a rainbow over the field opposite my house, but I was rather taken by this one, as it seemed so low. And I loved the fact that the sky under the rainbow is much brighter than above.