Monday, February 21, 2011

Arty Writers- and all you "creatives"- take note!

Morning to you all!

To distract myself from diminishing independence (see previous blog) I have occupied my mind with the creation of a new blog. A blog to bring us creative people together in cyberspace. A blog where works by independent artists/writers/photographers/illustrators/musicians will be highlighted. A place where people can come if they are looking for this one special present which is not widely available in shops- But also a place where we "creatives" can network.

The trigger to this new adventure has many layers:

  • a talk with friend Lani about the difficulties of selling ones books- even if you have a publisher
  • the growing power of Internet selling
  • a request from an illustrator via my Facebook page on where to start to get her name and work out there
  • and many more

If you are a "Creative" and would like to partake in this journey, please sign up and follow the instruction on the blog
If you are a lover of the arts or an admirer of people who live their lives creatively, the please sign up as a follower.

Many thanks, and please spread the word!

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