Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Frogs and scooter diagnosis

You might wonder, what have frogs and scooters in common?
Little. Really!
Other than that a frog in my garden made me happy.
The "ill" scooter made me sad.

But news is good.
After a panicky few days, and scary phone calls to so called "service industry for the disabled"
who charge almost €150 call out charge, 
plus tax, 
plus whatever the cost will be to have scooter repaired... 
Scandalous I think. 
This is a service they know people need.
And to top it all... 
It could take TWO weeks before a repair-man would come out...

Anyway- after a few phone calls like that, I asked my local electrician when he could come over to check if the battery was at fault- that had been his thoughts on the matter.
He arrived, and under my watchful eye took the scooter apart- 
a new adventure for both of us.
After about an hour, we found the well hidden "vital organs'
and Edward discovered one faulty fuse.

Soooo HAPPY I could have kissed
the frog!

I am motoring again.


Kirsten said...

hooray corina! happy for you. XXOO

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks kp! Scooter was still recovering yesterday... a few minor adjustments, but hope all is well now!!