Thursday, February 17, 2011

Natural Wastage

I am not one for writing about politics on my blog, or anywhere else for that matter. This is usually more a verbal "pass time".
But ... I have to get something off my chest.

For those of you not living in Ireland- we are suffering here from "Election Fever". Parties are accusing each other of given false information about their policies. That's politics I suppose.

But... There is one party- or actually this party's leader- that gets up my nose rather easily. Every time- even before election fever had set in for real, this man ... I can't even get his name out of my mouth or in this case fingers... makes me feel sick.
The image that he creates in my mind is that of a whining five year old on the playground ... "but he hit me.." I see him in this boarding school uniform with his stripy tie and little hat - whining- always whining...

Now this party (FG) there you have a hint- has pledged:
FG state that they are going to implement a voluntary redundancy scheme
which allied to a process of natural wastage
will remove 30,000 from the Public Sector workforce.

What's that got to do with me, you might wonder. I am not working in the public sector- I am however dependent on the public sector, especially the health service...
But.. this is not where my problem lies.

It is with the term "NATURAL WASTAGE". I heard it twice uttered out of FG member's mouths in the past few days. I know what they mean, but I find this an utterly hurtful term.

In makes me wonder if I, in FG's eyes am NATURALLY WASTED because I am ill and no longer 'needed', 'required' in a job.

I know it isn't a personal attack on me, but I really do feel hurt by such a statement.

I am living in the shadows...

You guess, FG won't be getting MY vote!


Catherine said...

Hi Corina - glad to see someone else picked up on the term - I posted it on another blog comment tonight - it jumped out at me when I forced myself to read bits of FG's manifesto online to prep. myself for canvassing with Jane for Ciara (Labour) this week. Haven't yet been down Mountain View. I hate that Natural Wastage term, and it is a euphemism for non-replacement of retirees. It is happening everywhere. In the HSE and the rest of the Civil Service. Frontline services will of course be affected, not possible to get rid of admin without some knock-on impact.
Good that you highlight it.

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks Catherine.
I amshocked to read the dreaded term Natural Wastage is even in the FG manifesto.
If that is what they think about retiring people- or people who for other reasons (like illness) move out the public service- than we are living in scary times indeed, especially if they make up the majority of the next government...