Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Golly is looking for a new home

Hi there, my name is Golly.

At the moment I am living with Phyllis, but as she is always busy in her Eden Garden Centre, I am looking for a new home. To be honest, I try to help her in the garden centre - by digging up plants- and this isn't really appreciated... I also try to increase sales by walking over the cash register... also not a good idea it appears.

So, a new home- in Ireland, currently I am in Dungarvan- or so I am told.

I would like to have a home where I will have lots of company. If you know such a place or know someone who is home a lot and would like to share their life with me... please let Corina know and she will put you in touch with my present owner.

Thank you!

By the way, I am a girl, about 9 months old, had all my shots and I have been spayed.

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Björek said...

GASP! she is beautiful!

talking to the husband...