Friday, March 10, 2017


... Morning all.
I was going to write and celebrate the story behind the puppets 
which will have their first screening on the BIG screen today, 
but my thoughts are elsewhere...
They are with my arrival into this world
along time ago on this day
But also with the not so much fun procedure 
at the hospital today
(Nothing to worry about, just unpleasant)

The meditation I shared a few days ago,
 is doing its magic.
I will stay with that for the next few hours 
and talk to you soon.

Best wishes to you all
And thank you SO much
for joining me on
my journey through life.

black and white photograph of Corina Duyn as 2 month old baby, lying on her belly, hair in a mess
Me, May 1962

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Sue said...

Hope you are ok, sending you good thoughts of peace