Monday, March 20, 2017

There are many ways to be creative

Creativity: The use of imagination or original ideas to create something
Oxford Dictionary 


I know I hammer on about the amazing power of creativity. But...

It does not mean that you have to be- or become an artist or a writer...

my greenhouse-
with Plenty of Creative space for me!

There are many ways to be creative

  • be playful with your day
    • plan little things that make you happy and you can achieve within your energy/pain limits
  • make Sundays different from the rest of the week
    • for example have a different breakfast from the norm
  • do some colouring
    • there are many adult colouring books out there now.  Colouring from early on in the illness has helped me regain my finer motor skills, and I love it too.
  • play to create a garden, or plant a few seed in a pot on the window sill. Growing things will bring joy
  • find a craft you liked as a child, or something you always wanted to do
    • I learned to weave, a long held dream fulfilled.
  • enhance the immediate lived-in environment with thing you love
    • hang pictures or photos of things you like
    • the photo is of my greenhouse, I made a bed to rest on during spring days, and have a sculpture and some gifts from friends in there too
  • collect different plates and cups to make each day special
    • on days when I was bed bound my homehelp brought in snack and and drinks on a tray using a different set of plates and cups each day. It brought a smile to my face
  • "Pimp" your mobility aids- to make them more fun
  • Create a MEme - ME-me to get out an about for you
  • buy the loveliest notebook and best pen you can afford to do some writing or drawing 
  •  ... You get the idea... Now have Fun and Be Creative!

Being creative is also the ability to adapt to your circumstances. There is almost always a way ... If we can give it time and thought 

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Sue said...

This is so inspiring and comforting, I enjoyed my colouring twice as much for the encouragement - thank you!

Corina Duyn said...

That is such a lovely thought.