Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring in my garden - a whistle stop tour

After the day of snow on Tuesday, we were granted Real Sunshine for the past few days.
Rejuvenated, it makes one (me) want to tackle the garden. Take out all the weeds, move plants, start seed trays, re-pot pot-bound plants, sweep the path, take moss of the paths, play in my studio, write, start a trial film for my animation project, create a backdrop for my animation project which is accessible for me...

Ahh, so many possibilities.
So little energy.

I did walk around to choose the best filming spot.
I did move a few forget-me-not's to that spot.
And then I joined Sally in the greenhouse for a much needed rest.

To be resting in the greenhouse. First time this year.
Plants can wait.

Later on I walked around my small garden, which has so much to offer, to take a few snapshots to share the Spring in my Garden with you all.
(Not quite the spring in my step)

Sit back, and enjoy.
The last remainging daffodils
(studio in the background)
The promise of Large Poppies
in the making

No idea what this is called, but isn't it a beauty

front garden view
Just love this pot of grasses
one of the many primroses.
Love this spring flower so much
Forget me not's
I won't, as they are Everywhere.
Sally, having taken ownership of my lettuce-tray
"Not this year"- she says
look at those legs.
Cool - or what
The pod for my animation project...
Ahhhh... more about that some other day
chocolate crocosmia
Just gorgeous
The first Rhubarb
Robert Cat's graveside
First apple blossoms
blue grape hyacinths under the apple trees
my 'Forest'
Tulips from Amsterdam.
I only wanted RED ones.
I have my doubt, but might be pleasantly surprised
first shoots of leaves of the
Japanese maple
The scent... oh my goodness


Sue said...

I love these photos. I have had similar feelings in my little garden too the last few days. This is a joyous post thank you

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Sue
Enjoy your garden and the renewal of life.
much love