Thursday, March 16, 2017

Studio space clearing

In order to make space for new work, I move out some older sculptures.

I messed up yesterday.
Finally having a little bit of energy after the hospital adventure last week, I ventured into my studio.
Not to sit down and work on my armature-figures... which would have been a very gentle activity...
No, in stead I started to tidy my space.
Much needed, mind you.
I always blame the "gremlins" for making a mess...
But I got carried away.
There was so much to do.
Most of it I did sitting down. I even swept part of the floor sitting down..
But I did do too much, in a very short spell of time.

I could barely move my arms to eat my lunch.
In the afternoon, after hours of rest, I went back to the studio 'to have a look'...
I was 'rescued' by a friend who came for a visit.
while making tea my arms did not cooperate and I knocked a jar of chamomile tea of the shelf, 'killing' the jar, and a custom made little teapot...

My legs are still sore this morning.
My arms are still sore.
I feel ill.
And the only 'thing' I can blame is myself.

My studio is a mess right now, but I am getting help in a few hours time to sort it out.

The good part is that when I put one of the big sculptures up for adoption (on Facebook) it was gladly taken up by a collector of my work. 'Into the Light',  a doll on a bird is going to fly happily in her new home in a few days time.


Two Irish traditional musicians, and two ex-Waterford Crystal Workers -dolls, made in my creative life before ME are also up for adoption: for postage cost, and a donation of your choice towards the creation of new work. Use the Donation button on this page if you are interested. 

  1. Female Doll in green skirt and jacket: Donation + Postage €10 Ireland; UK, Europe, €12.50; Rest of the world €15 
  2. Fiddle player: Donation + Postage €10 Ireland; UK, Europe, €12.50; Rest of the world €15
  3. Ex-Waterford Crystal worker- stripy shirt- newspaper in hand: Donation + Postage €10 Ireland;  €15 UK, Europe; €20 Rest of the world
  4. Ex-Waterford Crystal worker- green shirt, bodhran in hands: Donation + Postage €10 Ireland;  €15 UK, Europe; €20 Rest of the world 
7pm: Update the two musicians are taken. 
Friday update. All Dolls are gone.

Donation button on this page . Half way down the page
Please state which the number(s) of the dolls you are interested in.

Thank you for helping me to make space for new work!!!

And I will hopefully listen to my body's wisdom NOT to overdo it...
(famous last words...)

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Sue said...

I hope you're soon feeling better. I love the pictures, what characters they all are. They are all wonderful