Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Self Hug

I starting writing another post about Sleep - for Sue ...
But I realized that what I needed myself today, and I know some of you do as well, is a Self Hug.
Self Hug sculpture by ME/CFS Artist Corina Duyn
Self Hug © Corina Duyn
Self Hug sculpture by ME/CFS Artist Corina Duyn
Self Hug © Corina Duyn

I am scheduled for a procedure in a few days time, and I realized this morning that when I think about it, it almost brings me to tears. Fear. Fear of how my body will cope on the day. Fear, perhaps, on what might be found, although when I think about that realistically, that is not the biggest worry.

I contacted a dear friend of mine. The wise Dolores Ronayne.
She guided me through a short meditation, to hold myself, and the fear.

I like to share this meditation with you.

Place your left hand on your solar plexus.
The right hand on top of the left.
Breathe into it.
Breathe out.
Relax into it.
Do this for as long as needed.
Add a colour to your in-breath if one comes to mind.
You can move the right hand to your lower belly, or your heart, whatever needs more care at that moment.

It gave me peace, and I will keep in touch with my body this way over the next few days. To reassure my body and mind that the procedure is helpful to look into what issues might be there.
That I am minding my body. And my mind. That I hear my body.

Be well.



Sue said...

This is a lovely meditation, I will think of you while I do it as well, to wish you peace about the hospital

Sue said...

Also I am amazed by the beauty of the sculptures. They are joyous

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you so much Sue, for sahirng oyur thoughts, for thinking of me, and liking the sculptures.

Best wishes to you.