Sunday, June 18, 2017

Back Garden Bliss

In yesterday's post I wrote about the clearing of my garden, with the help of Anne.
Here a few pictures of the lovely cleared, and again tranquil garden.
My deepest gratitude for this amazing kindness of time and friendship.

Anne who so kindly helped me to clear my back garden of weeds.
I can now See the garden again,
and have clear paths.

Foxglove standing proud

The wonders called Poppies.
Never tired of looking at them.
Free path to my studio
... and free path to my herb garden
my beloved greenhouse
and Tranquil setting of Buddha, Maple and water feature
side of studio, with Hypericum shrub,
which will, after flowering be transplanted to Anne's Garden
Jasmin, just outside my studio door

Sally overseeing the cleared garden
on the steps of my studio
view from the studio

  • Another follow up from Yesterday's post consists of two podcasts about dealing with M.E. and ongoing research. See HERE

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