Sunday, June 4, 2017

On the bike!

My biggest wish, dream, desire, or goal throughout the 18 years of illnes has been to get back on a bicycle.
Well. I did!

Ok, it is a tricycle.
I was a passenger, and did not have to peddle.
I did not have to do any steering.
I did feel the wind in my face. The kind of experience which can not be replicated on a mobility scooter.

It was sooooo much fun, to go out with my brother Kees, and later with niece Linda (top speed 26km-assisted by power battery), to have nephew Marco jump on the back and come along for the ride.

Thank you Marco for hiring the duo-bike. 
Everyone! had a blast with it. Kids, adults, and grannies alike.


Unknown said...

I can feel your joy, Corina. May there be many more days of such freedom!

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks Frances. I look forward to repeating the experience, probably when I get to Holland again... some day.