Saturday, June 3, 2017

The (Beach) Bucket List

My biggest personal wish for the stay in Texel was to walk on the beach and in the North Sea.
If you can count a few steps as a walk, then I can certainly tick that wish of my (beach) bucket list.

Walking in the water, my sticks kept sinking into the sand.
But I am proud.
Proud to have wet sand between my toes!

Brother Kees was with me all the way.

(Edit: Having trouble with adding images, and some disappeared during the edit, and I can't add them... some funny ones, will try again later...)
I love the lines the 'wheelchair-pulled-backwards' created in the wet sand.

The following day more if my family arrived
Brother Peter and his Chilean wife Cecilia. 
And my Aunt Corry from Canada, whom I has not seen since 1987. I am now (or maybe always) taller than her. And that is no mean feast, at my 158cm!
This is my mother's younger sister. It is my mother's birthday today. Born 96 years ago, but passed away in 2007.
Brother Hans and his wife Loes. The main organisers of the reunion. 

We arrived at our reunion accommodation later in the afternoon. Othe family members arrived. Some are still to come today.
It is lovely. It is busy. I am exhausted and in pain. But I can see the uniqueness of this event, and trying to hold my  own within it all.

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