Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The reunion weekend is over, but the memories remain


Our family reunion is over again.
Years of thoughts.
Months of planning the 'Bigger picture'.
Weeks of organising the finer details.
Days of chats 
Hours of fun
Minutes filled with memories 
Moments to never be forgotten.

Thank you all.

I am glad I did travel. True, I was very worried about the practicalities and realities of travel. Of being with so many people in one location. Of how my health would hold up. Accessibility. Noise. Etc, etc.
But I managed. With pacing, when it was remotely possible. With taking the maximum pain relief. With meditating. With retreating into my 'cave'. Thanks to brother Hans for finding a group accommodation with an accessible room, which I could have all on my own. And knowing I will be home, in my own surroundings in a few days.
Right now I am in Haarlem catching up on rest, and with friends.

It was very special to be with my family. Unique. And yet so 'normal' in a way.
It was beautiful to see how we share same ideas and thoughts, and habits, although our lives are lived so differently. Lives in Canada, Chile, London, Netherlands, Ireland. In cities, and in the middle of the country, in complete solitude.
The Duyn-humour was evident in every generation. Ages were from my 2year old grand niece, to my eldest sister of 70. And even to our aunt Corry who traveled from Canada too, aged 88. She is the younger sister of my mother. My dad's youngest brother Theo, also aged 88 visited on Sunday, with two daughters. 

The magnitude of this event will take some time to sink in.

For now I have memories, and more contacts with my family via social media. I have photos.
I realised that photos are important to me. I was not able to fully partake in all the activities, but have have documented those special moments. I looked at them in bed, when aware of the family fun outside my 'cave'. Memories of people, and of course the walk on the beach and bike ride.

All good!


Unknown said...

It was awesome. I miss all the hubbub! It's so quiet now.

Corina Duyn said...

It was!
Good to see you all.