Sunday, April 9, 2017

Be smart with your smart phone

 Connectivity through phones 

or just with ones' own being 

I was never a fan of mobile phones.
But got to 'like' them as it proved to be a great tool as a panic button.

I had a old fashioned little nokia, and was not easily persuaded to move on to using a smart phones. Old little Nokia without wifi intrusion...

I have a computer which I only turn on when I work on my writing, a book project, design, or for  writing this daily blog.

I have an iPad, which I LOVE, as I find it easier to use than the computer for emails, and takes less energy than looking at the computer screen.
If there is anything I need to find out, I use google on my iPad and email myself a link if there is an article I like to read, so I can print it out. The ipad also is great for dictating emails, or other thoughts for later use.

I had no need for a smart phone, thank you very much.
(to great hilarity of many, as I seem to be a tec-savvy-kind-of-girl)

My worry about owning a smart phone is being connected at any time of the day. To receive and have the option to check one's email, Facebook, what's app, messages...

With the ipad and computer I simply turn them off at about 6pm.
The non-smart-phone in my pocket for safety.

I was looking for ways to make short films, and I had difficulties to hold me SLR camera steady for long enough. iPhone was recommended by many... So came the one year old 'discussion' with myself about the pro's and con's of moving onto a smart phone.
I did buy it.
And love it.
For the filming, and the photography.

I also like what's app as it connected me with friends abroad in a way to share images more easily (writing this I wonder... but I used to do that via email, and that worked just fine...)

Anyway, one of my worries was that the phone would be ON for a much longer time of each day than my ipad or computer. That I would fall foul of checking email and Facebook at any time of the day.

And I did...
I am ashamed to say, I was not strong enough to keep those options turned off.
I would 'sign out' of facebook and email every night at about 7pm.
If I got bored later on in the night, I would turn it on again.

If I woke in the middle of the night, (as I do) I would be reading updates and watching funny videos on facebook...

I am not proud of this at all, at all.
I thought to be stronger than that!

So, my phone died last week, and I found a way to make a makeshift SIM card for my old Nokia. I loved being reunited with this 'ancient' piece of communication tool.

My nights were a lot more peaceful.
If I woke in the nigth I'd read a book.

I must say that I slept better.
Probably because I had not been exposed to wifi or a screen before going to bed.
(I usually don't watch tv past about 8pm, if at all).

I feel so much more at peace in my head.
I connected with me again.

A replacement smart phone arrived during the week.
I learned from my peaceful week, and have not set up facebook or email on it.
I use the phone for messages, and film.

I wonder how many of us, of you, are connected (wifi connected) and are experiencing the ill affects of wifi, of screens, and not realizing it?

Love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Be well.


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