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Malious the Great, part 2

A few days ago. I copied the first few paragraphs of Malious The Great- the Voice of M.E., which had appeared in my diary in April 2007.
As lots of my readers enjoyed this piece:
  • What imagination, that is the makings of a fantastic story, he didn't outsmart you though, you have done so well over the years, you may well get rid of him altogether some day! Really enjoyed that piece Corina
  • This is brilliant Corina. Entertaining, if it weren't so true and sad.
  • Love this, Corina 
  • Great piece of writing! Can relate to a lot of this
  • it is very very clever writing

I'd share the next few chapters with you.

(for those who have not read the first part, I would recommend to read that first)

 Again- unedited
Malious The Great- The voice of M.E. ME/CFS
inside a virus

She started to find ways fit me into her daily life, like taking me out to the beach, with the help of friends. Enjoyable enough, I got to know her friends. But I would not have it that she would try to continue with her doll making career. She had orders to send out and work to complete for her upcoming exhibition in Waterford. She liked “dolls” so I toyed with her. I gave her enough energy to lift the box of unfinished work on the table, and to lift up the sewing machine, and make herself a cup of tea, before I would take out my own tools, to hit her hard inside her head to knock her out. I rather lie on the couch watching “James and the Giant Peach” on video, than do some work! 4-1 for me!

I know she started to feel deeply unhappy with having my presence in her life. I remember nights when she cried all night. Here she was in small room in a friend’s house, all her belongings in boxes around her and in friend’s garages. Her life was falling apart and I pride myself for giving a helping hand. Yet she did not give up, or give in. After weeks of deliberation, she still decided to travel to France for the doll-making holiday. She knew that she would enjoy the setting and the people. I came along, I love going on holidays! On the way to the Dublin Airport, her friend and She decided to stop for lunch in the Book Centre in Waterford. I made her walk towards the health section and brought her eye to a book by a Dutch writer. In the introduction there was a mention that Post Viral Fatigue is the same as M.E. I could feel her die a little, right there and then, sitting on the steps of this large bookshop. 5-1 for me!

We did go to France. She had decided to deal with me on her return. Fair enough! I enjoyed a time of good food, lots of rest and great people around me. The teacher mainly created the doll She was to make.  

She had heard about ME, actually somebody had suggested that to her at least a year before my entering her body. My researchers had already visited my Host a few times, but she choose to ignore them too. She had said that people with ME lie on the couch all day, she was still working, ok maybe a bit tired at times, but there were enough reasons for that too. Marriage… hard working artist….

Anyway back to the bookshop. The book she came across, she put back on the bookshelf, did tell her friend about it, but walked out of the shop, stating: “I am going on a holiday first, after I come home I will deal with finding out what is wrong with my body”.

Leaving Ireland was a challenge. After entering the plane, after a delay, the passengers were told all to get of the plane as there was a fault detected. She was exhausted and had not even left the country yet. As the suitcase with her clothes and dolls for an exhibition in France were already in the plane, She was unable to turn back, ring her friend and go home…. and deal with me. Stubborn. When we finally landed in Paris we had missed the connection flight to Toulouse, and after a long, very long time, was she able to get a hotel room for a few hours. Hard work. On top of it her suitcase was lost…
Escaping me was not easy. I made her feel sooooo miserable. However She did make it to the Certe, and did enjoy the time out. I did too, good food, great people, and I knew my time was about to come.

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