Tuesday, April 25, 2017

sorry, Cats again...

What do you do with an uninvited, four legged visitor
who presents himself into one's garden...
and has no intention on leaving anytime soon

A visitor
Yesterday, my Sally Girl (Cat) had a little verbal row with a cat on the other side of the wall.
Later on I saw whom she might have had this stand of with.
A young cat was sitting on the top of my neighbours shed and looked into my garden. Quite at ease.

The cat must have known that Mariela was here. Cats seem to write and advertise about her in the Lismore Cat Daily,  as any cat who either finds herself with unwanted pregnancy, is in need of a new home, or in need of medical care would find Mariela...

And so the new Cat story begins...

The cat was fed.
He was extremely hungry.
Mariela brought him to the vet as he has some sores on his skin.
He received medical attention and is scheduled for neutering.
Mariela is on a mission to stop the unwanted increase in the stray cat population in Lismore. And is very successful in this.

It is a lovely affectionate cat.
He wants to come in.
But I need to have a chat with myself,
                   and with Sally Cat first.

Do I want another cat?
I didn't even wanted Robert, or Sally... But I loved and love them both dearly.

But can I cope with two cats?
Do I want two cats?
Does Sally want a playmate?
Or is she perfectly happy with the arrangements she put in place to make my house her home?

What about my health?
What about the cat's health?
It is in need of care.
Can I give this?

little tom cat looking for a home
I felt guilty having this gorgeous little cat out during this very, very cold night.
I did make it a bed in the lean-to where my scooter is parked.
I found him there this morning.
He was very happy to see me.

little tom cat looking for a home
 I put photos of the cat on facebook.
I just made a poster for on my wall, and for the Vet's office.

Please, please. Find this little cat a loving, caring, home.
and preferably not mine...

Will keep you posted.

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Sue said...

He is such a lovely creature! I really hope someone will want him very soon