Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Wall

I had hit The Wall, but with lots of help I climbed over it again.

There were many reactions to my post yesterday about dealing with non-believing-doctors, pain and the vulnerability of illness.

A big Thank you to friends who visited, spoke with me over the phone or via Skype, and all the well wishers via cyber-space.

Also I realized that the resilience embedded in me by my parents and grandparent (which I truly understood more because of the compiling of  Snapshots ) stood to me, once again.

Yesterday I was a lot more at ease and even got to help a tiny wee bit with putting Strawberry seedlings in pots.

Mariela dug up the strawberries plants I had wanted to remove from a small patch in my garden. It was too crowded...
Some plants are now in my greenhouse, others in pots outside.

I put a few of the seedlings in small pots. Mariela filled the pots with compost and watered them. For most of the time I was lazily 'luxuriating' on my greenhouse bench.
And had reached the point again that All is Well.

Strawberries on The Wall

The majority of the strawberry plants made it onto The Wall...
The wall doesn't sound the same anymore since a certain man from the US put a different meaning to the word Wall.... 
Anyway, my wall.
Strawberries and parsley, beans, and soon peas, tomato plants, and other bits and pieces are for sale from my wall. Mostly two pots for €1, unless it is a bigger plant...

It is a lovely way to share the bounty of a small garden. It also brings communication with passers by.

The shop keeper Sally
The shop keeper Sally

Parsley - on The Wall
Bean Seedlings on The Wall
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