Tuesday, April 11, 2017

sitting down gardening

After my previous posts about gardening (see links bottom of page), and how I manage (and love it) a few queries arrived.

  • One was from a reader who no longer has her own garden, so for her I will keep posting photos of the progress in my garden throughout the year.
  • another was what tools I use, or what makes it possible to garden on a 'simple' scale, I include my suggestions here.
  • my own query was, are my Tulips from Amsterdam really as red as the package suggested? The seemed kind of yellow when still in bud...

The now beautifully budding leaves of the
Japanse Maple
Strawberries (soon to be moved)
and water for the birds
Apple blossom blossoming
Euphorbia in my front garden
(and everywhere esle...)
My absolute favorite in order to do my gardening
sitting down
An old very sturdy crate,
and a small cushion.
I don't have to bend to far down to do the weeding
My set of hand tools
including the three pronged one, which loosens the soil with ease
The flat headed one is handy for "raking" the weeds out of the soil or gravel path
the forked kind, which is brilliant to take weeds out on by one at the roots
Mariela brought me these children's garden tools
Brilliant. Light weight, small, perfect for use when sitting down
and not have a lot of power...
I can reach a bit furhter without having to move my crate

And yes!!!
my tulips are RED!

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