Thursday, May 11, 2017

M.E. information leaflet for Dublin Protest

This leaflet was created by some wonderful women who themselves live with M.E. 
They spent their precious energy on creating a leaflet which will be handed out to the public, and politicians on the Millions Missing Protest in Dublin 
at Government Building - TODAY
Thursday 11th May - between 11 and 3.

Please, please support us!
Thank you.

ME information flyer for Dublin Protest
ME information flyer for Dublin Protest
ME information flyer for Dublin Protest
ME information flyer for Dublin Protest

text from the leaflet:

M.E. is a complex multi-system disease that causes significant immune, neurological, and autonomic abnormalities.

The #MillionsMissing are 20 million people with M.E. worldwide who are missing from their lives. Students who cannot attend classes; parents unable to care for children; and professionals cut down in the prime of their careers.
M.E. affects approx 14,000 Irish people and confines 1 of 4 sufferers to their homes or beds. In UK studies, it was the leading cause of long term school absence for children.
M.E. patients in Ireland feel ABANDONED by the medical system with NO specialists, NO treatments and NO education in medical schools on the disease.

#MillionsMissing Demands for HSE

Use ICC International Guidelines for Diagnosis
The HSE must adopt the International Consensus Criteria 2011 to make correct diagnoses of M.E. The ICC mandates that post-exertional malaise (PEM) is a cardinal symptom of M.E. PEM is a worsening of M.E. symptoms like cognitive impairment, headaches and muscular pain, orthostatic intolerance, and profound fatigue and weakness. It is brought on by even small amounts of mental or physical exertion.
Amend the HSE Guidelines to Stop Harming Patients
The HSE follows the NHS Guidelines, using an outdated diagnosis criteria, and recommending exercise therapy and CBT. Exercise has been shown to be harmful to M.E. patients. The USA has rejected the Oxford criteria and found CBT and GET to be ineffective. The HSE must follow them in rejecting these harmful, ineffective treatments.
Provide Accurate Medical Education to Improve Clinical Care
HSE must act with strategic commitment and urgency to overcome decades of neglect. Medical providers and students must be properly educated on how to diagnose and treat M.E. Erroneous ideas about the disease and its treatment must be dispelled. 

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