Thursday, May 25, 2017

'Speaking' Different languages

6pm. I am sitting by 'my' window again in the hallway.  A temporary routine.

It is amazing how quickly one can become part of a new system. The word 'institutionalisation' comes to mind. Food appears at odd hours. The day finishes at half 4, with our 'tea'. It is a long night from then on.
But I can look back at a day of 'some' progress.

I was seen by the Physiotherapist at 9 this morning. We had a long chat, and short walk. The question  "Does the pain cause you stress?" unsettled me a little. Maybe I am just too sensitive towards the notion of disbelief of M.E...?

In terms of the back pain from the recent surgery, she explained that there are pathways of pain which stay in the body after surgery. The brain will take a while to realise the pain is no longer there. Interesting.
I told how the pain in my back is very different from before surgery... and that my body/ muscles do not like to be messed with. The surgery was invasive. GP suggested bruised ribs from all the pressure put on my back. And that the growth was cut away from muscles where it had been stuck to for years. Since the surgery there is a sharp pain. Nothing like before, but I truly belief that once my back has healed the pain will be a lot less. It will just takes time.

I also told her of my experience during Meditation, when I 'scan' my body and at times can release blockages of pain.  At present I can not 'warm' my 'cold' right arm and release the numbness of my little finger and ring finger. 
In this case I think we spoke different languages...

The physiotherapist did not return later in the day, (as I perhaps mis-understood she would) to set out an exercise plan with me, to gently try to increase the strength in my arm again, and make improvements in my walking.

The neurologist stopped by too. He is a kind and understanding man. Of course I forgot what I meant to ask him, but we did have a good chat. I am booked for MRI, but no promises can be made it will be done while I am here. I hope it will happen...

Then I had the pleasure of being visited by the Occupational Therapist. (O.T.)
He stole my heart. 
A man so full of wisdom, kindness and understanding.
He listened, and advised. He observed and shared. 
It was so good to see that my reality was completely and utterly understood. He saw in me how I can support others. How I get on with life despite illness. And understood that this might be a confusing image for some in 'society', as I don't conform to the popular notion of what a person with chronic illness does...

He gave suggestion on preserving energy - learned from years of listening to and observing his patients.
I felt reassured.
Back to medical stuff, the O.T is coming back tomorrow to give me a splint for my right hand. 

So, it was a relatively busy day at the office.

Roll on tomorrow.

And due to my rest period, I feel less overwhelmed with the prospect of next week's travels. For now.

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Corina Duyn said...

The physiotherapist returned today with suggestions to strengthen my legs, arms and back.
During standing up my dizziness concerned her. She did more testing and 'dug deep' to understand my symptoms. Asking questions which I would not have thought of. She is sharing her observations with the neurologist.
A very positive meeting.