Friday, May 19, 2017

Snapshots books arrived. Happy days

... another book-baby safely delivered into this world

a small stack of snapshots books by Corina Duyn

It is always a special moment when a book I have been working on for months (or years) arrives at my house.

Yesterday, when I was on my 'holidays in my front garden' (which was not much of a holiday as it rained, and was very cold- we even had a hailstones shower), courier Colin arrived with one heavy box from City Print in Cork.

And I could not wait to have that private moment to open the box and see how my book-babies turned out.

I must say- if I can be a proud mother that they turned out just beautiful.
They look good.
They feel good.
The pages are clean and clear.
... with a slight imperfection, but none of us are perfect...

Printer Ronan took pride in getting my books to look as good as they are. He had told me earlier: "...on a general note, well done for compiling such a book - it’s really well done." 
We had some funny communications. As the book is in both English and Dutch he responded to an email in Dutch- having used Google translate.
I love those little moments of fun.

Thank you all at City Print, you really are a dream to work with.

It was an interesting project to work on- the initial idea was much simpler. It took on a life of its own. See links below to read more. It is amazing to have received orders for this very limited edition book from as far as Canada, UK, Holland, Ireland, and even Australia. Thank you all!
(book order will be posted early June, after my family have had the first viewing during the reunion n Holland)

Snapshot books have arrived safely into this world
Back of Snapshot books

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